Quartz flooring is a granular flooring with a seamless finish. Quartzite flooring is an open pore flooring with a non-slip finish which remains skid proof when wet. Quartz flooring has a carpet look making areas look bigger as there are no grout joints. Seamless quartzite flooring can be screeded over existing secure tiles or a concrete screed finish.

The speed of installation of quartz flooring makes it a popular option for renovation and new builds alike. The popular areas where quartz flooring is used are, patios, pool surrounds, balconies, entrance areas to name a few. Seamless quartzite flooring such as quartz are also used indoors. Installation of seamless quartzite flooring can take as little as a two day for return to service. Seamless quartz flooring has a large variety of colours to suit most flooring requirements.

Natural Quartz Flooring Technical Info

Product Features & Benefits

  • Seamless with no joints like tiles
  • Quick installations, up to one hundred msq per day and ready for use in forty eight hours
  • Ideal for revamping, straight over stable tiles or slasto
  • Under floor heating compliant
  • Warmer than tiles underfoot
  • Energy efficient, lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Stain resistant & easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Fire resistant
  • Anti-slip & anti-skid
  • Over twenty four colours, custom colours can be arranged
  • UV sealer application
  • A greener product than tiles with a lower carbon footprint
  • Chemical resistant
  • Two Year Product warranty

Surface Preparation Requirements

  • Concrete, screed and slabs must have cured for twenty eight days. The concrete moisture content must be below five percent for the application.
  • The concrete surface must be grease, oil and contaminant free.
  • Expansion joints must be mimicked by the application.
  • Expansion joints in the slab must be as per standard building practice for internal or external applications.
  • If the application is over tiles, all the tiles must be stable. Loose or hollow tiles must be removed and quick set tiling adhesive inserted to fill that space.
  • All insitu (ground) slabs must have adequate waterproofing protection below the slab.
  • Different material divisions will require an expansion joint, even old to new concrete will require an expansion joint.
  • The epoxy for Quartz Flooring is only compatible with cementitious based waterproofing.
  • Substrates that are affected by rain or water run-off should be constructed to a slope to allow water run-off and limit ponding.

Product Limitations

  • Quartz Flooring can be applied over uneven surfaces but will not compensate for a lack of gradient or large holes in the substrate.
  • Quartz Flooring is applied in a five mm layer but can be feathered to three to four mm, it cannot be feathered to below three mm thick.
  • The epoxy is waterproof but is not a substitute for waterproofing.
  • The Quartz Flooring is a decorative floor finish and will react to slab settlement by cracking as any other surface finish, like tiles. The Quartz Flooring is only as strong as the substrate below the application.
  • If there is no waterproofing below an insitu slab the decorative finish will be subject to hydrostatic pressure which can affect the quartz application much the same as tiles will lift under hydrostatic pressure.

Maintenance for UV & Non UV Applications

  • UV applications that are outdoors can be washed down with a hose and a soft broom, should stubborn marks appear then a mild detergent can be used with a soft bristle broom to remove the mark.
  • Internal UV & non UV applications must be dry vacuumed regularly and then wet vacuumed periodically.
  • High pressure cleaners are not recommended but can be used at low pressure and at least 1 metre away from the flooring.
  • UV & Non UV applications with high foot traffic will need a light re-top coating with Polyurethane/Epoxy every few years depending on the intensity of the foot traffic.
  • Re-top coating every few years can extend the lifespan of the product to twenty five years or more, every time the Quartz is re-top coated the floor will look brand new again.
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